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Meet tonight @ 1am EST Time... Be there or be square! Bring you modified "STREET LEGAL" cars no matter what it is, we will be doing a nice cruise up FUJIMI at Life like speeds until I say go, and then you will all fell the WRATH OF MY MCLAREN F1 "LM"

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Unlocked Decals and Designs

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1 Unlocked Decals and Designs on Fri Nov 25, 2011 4:44 pm


As some of you my know i spend a lot of time buying and selling cars in the auction house to make my millions. Well I also have a love for Baldwin Motion Camaro, I made one replica and it came out perfect, ventured off into Motion Chevelles and the 69Z. Selling all my Motion Cars in Auction house i was sent a message asking if id sell it unlocked or want to swap for some of his designs. I never knew this was possible but it is and now it opened up a whole new group of contacts. Well at this point i have tons of designs and replicas unlocked along with all kinds of brand stickers, bumper stickers, company logos, i even got some fantasy pics than can be adapted to a very cool paint job.
Some of you right now are asking why buy unlocked over locked right out of the storefronts. well its simple, lets say you have a 2010 Shelby. you want it to look like a roush 427r but everyone has red and black or grey and black in there store. you stuck with those colors and can never change or add to, also when you go to auction the car you cant sell it with paint so you lose money on the design. Now lets say with this same car you buy the roush unlocked from me, i send you a black and red. but you want a red and white one. not a problem go to paint editor and change to what ever color combo you want, stickers, paint, its up to you. while your there throw on a plate with your name, NX nitrous express sticker on the bumper, tint windows, paint rims. its like you designed it from scratch and can edit how you wish. now you have a personalized roush. it gets better, now its still unlocked so you can offer it on your storefront to make money, at the same time you can buy cheap shelbys at auctions throw on design and sell for more then retail. copy vinyl group and transfer it to a fox body to make your own rending of a fox body roush. Same thing goes for the stickers, you can change colors, add to designs for your store front, sell them by them selves, there yours at that point to do what you want with.

Will Sell or swap, im interested in more anything i dont have and i am horrible at tuning so id even consider swaping for unlocked tunes if they are good. really having a hard time finding good drift tunes for American cars and as stated cant make them worth a crap myself.

Designs i am selling unlocked for 150,000-250,000 depending on design, Stickers are 25,000-30,000 Also depends on design and detail, Lastly fantasy designs I have are 100,000 each. I am willing to make package deals if you are interested in buying more then 3 at once.
I am offering a Mystery Box at random you get a 1 design and 6 stickers or 1 design, 2 stickers, and 1 fanasty design. you dont know what youll get but youll get your moneys worth, price of each mystery box 350,000.

How this works is if your interested you can contact me here or on live, we figure out what you want and the price yu will pay. then i will go to the auction house and post a IROC Z for the cost of what you are buying as a buy it now sale. Once the car is purchased i will send over your items as gifts. once you save them, they are in your design and vinyl group folders unlocked.

Current Items:

Full Designs:
2010 Roush Mustang
Porshe GT3RS out of a RUF r12
Carbon Fiber GT40
Nismo Tuned 370Z
Baldwin Motion Chevelle
Baldwin Motion 69 Camaro
Baldwin Motion 70 Camaro
Wicked Clown Dodge Dart
Cutlass 442 W-30
Fox Body Mustang turned into a beater daily drifter

Ford, Chevy, Dodge logos all changeable color
Corvette flags
drift bumper stickers
to many to list, and get more each day. just ask if its American i most likely have it.

Thanks for looking and reading all this and hope to hear from some of you soon. So far this is a exclusive to Club member's and of course close friends. if there's a a demand for just us ill keep it here but if i don't get any sales i will then advertise on the main forums.

2 Re: Unlocked Decals and Designs on Fri Nov 25, 2011 10:02 pm


sent FR, have a few questions


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