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Welcome to AMC

Meet tonight @ 1am EST Time... Be there or be square! Bring you modified "STREET LEGAL" cars no matter what it is, we will be doing a nice cruise up FUJIMI at Life like speeds until I say go, and then you will all fell the WRATH OF MY MCLAREN F1 "LM"

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Not a photo thread, but a good video.

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1 Not a photo thread, but a good video. on Thu Nov 10, 2011 12:05 pm


These are the guys i used to race with before.
They have their own Trans-Am series in forza (have had since forza 2) and theyre really good guys.
Their car club tag is SRN and most of them are from the US and love musclecars so if you want to race with any of them just pick up their gamertags from that video and give them a message, im sure they'd love to do some friendly racing.

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