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Welcome to AMC

Meet tonight @ 1am EST Time... Be there or be square! Bring you modified "STREET LEGAL" cars no matter what it is, we will be doing a nice cruise up FUJIMI at Life like speeds until I say go, and then you will all fell the WRATH OF MY MCLAREN F1 "LM"

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1 "THE SILVERSTONE RIOTS" NOV/26 on Wed Nov 09, 2011 4:25 am


Ladies and Gentle Men i have very good news due to the success of "The Ring of Pain" and the several messages i have received it seems that i have no choice but to start another insane endurance race BUT this time with a twist MUTI-CLASS

############### RULES ###############

1) Bring your TOP A-class or S-class car
(8 cars of each class if possible minimum 4 in one class)

2) Everyone is invited but be there early NO RESERVATIONS

3) Damage simulation; Launch Delay 3 sec; Collisions Always On; 6 min end race timer; no Forced Pits; no Qualifying

4) Track will be SILVERSTONE GRAND PRIX and there will be 30 laps

5) Time that the LOBBY will open is 7pm est and the RACE will begin 7:30pm est or until we have a full lobby

6) Date November 26th its a Saturday thats 2 weeks away

**********Side Note**********
Due to the uniqueness of this race unlike "The Ring of Pain" event in this one i WILL NEED TO KNOW WHAT CLASS YOU INTEND TO RUN now im not asking for you to post up what company or model cars JUST THE CLASS although if you feel confident enough you can post anything you like about the car you intend to run hell post pics, bhp, 0-60, or lateral g's points if you want but all i NEED to know is what class A or S thank you
Ok now that everyone knows the details and has enough time to prepare if there are any suggestion or concerns please message and FriendRequest i8BitHero

2 Re: "THE SILVERSTONE RIOTS" NOV/26 on Wed Nov 09, 2011 7:04 pm

Killz or Deaths

Killz or Deaths
Count me in, not exactly sure what class imma run, but I'll know here in a few days

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